Certified Real Estate Appraiser Serving Maryland Since 2002

Certified Real Estate Appraiser Serving Maryland Since 2002

Providing Appraisal Service in all 24 Counties

Accurate Credible Valuation and Appraisal Services

What I Do

I provide Residential Appraisal Services in the State of Maryland using up-to-date technology and real-time data sources while remaining Customer Service Oriented and implementing Professionalism above Industry standards

Who I Do it for

  • Homeowners
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Lawyers and Legal Professionals
  • Home Buyers and Sellers
  • Lenders and Banks


  • Estate / Probate
  • Informational
  • Divorce
  • Pre-Listing
  • Court Testimony
  • Lending
  • Value Disputes

Get Your Appraisal

Appraisal service fees vary based on location, scope of work, and client’s needs. To get your same day price quote, fill out the “contact form” email me at david@tacmd.com, or text/call me directly at 1-301-461-1153. Rush Services Available.


Dedicated to servicing my client’s needs while raising the bar of expectations people have of the Appraisal Process.